Look to the horizon shortly after sunrise on a brisk, winter morning, and you may be fortunate enough to view mysterious patches of light surrounding each side of the sun.  Hexagonal ice crystals in the atmosphere act like prisms, reflecting the Sun's rays into part of a ring or halo that may contain all the colors of the rainbow.  These mock, or “second” suns, are a natural phenomenon that reveals a very profound message to those who listen.  Native Americans believe that the sight of a Sun Dog communicates prophetic changes are drawing near and that one will experience good luck upon their journey.

…And so began Sundog Custom Wood Products.  The vibrant colors spoke loudly on that fateful, chilly morning in late fall of 2014, and we listened intently.  The Eastern horizon contained a halo encompassing the entire sun, displaying an obvious message of changes to come.  The omen called out at a time when transition in our lives’ journeys drew inevitably near.



Sundog’s mission and vision are one in the same.  We are committed to responsible stewardship through the reclamation of lumber destined for a landfill or decay, and to the crafting of those salvaged materials into works of art that share a meaningful story.

We owe it to the future of this Earth to recycle our limited resources and allow them to extend their journey by living out a well deserved, second chance.  Much of the wood we use is over 100 years old.  To us, the medium of our work is a valuable connection to the past.  These boards have a story to tell.  Embodied in each piece we create is the respect we share for the wood and the craftsmanship that reflects its’ integrity. 

Sundog’s process ensures that hand selected boards remain as true to weathered form as possible.  After being cleaned and lightly sanded, projects are preserved with sealants such as polyurethane to assure its’ patina is enhanced, not altered.  Products showing color are constructed from siding pulled directly off the barn with paint aged in a way that only nature knows how.  Appreciative of each board’s originality, we design every Sundog creation by keeping in mind that the character of the wood should always speak for itself. 


... that mysterious halo surrounding a late, autumn sunrise inspired a journey that two artists and century old lumber embark on together.  Side by side, we strive to create a “repurpose” that lessons the impact upon our Earth and allows stories of the past to be told with character and dignity.

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