Wood salvaged from old barns and other weathered structures represent a connection to the past, a link to nature, and a bridge to a simpler way of life. Sundog is dedicated to the practice of reclaiming this wood that would otherwise be destined for a landfill or certain to decay where it lies. We travel the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio helping families dismantle structures that are past their prime to give the lumber a chance of a second life.

Repurposing the wood to serve new uses for future generations is our mission as stewards of the land. Our clients find comfort in the knowledge that a beloved family barn will live another life and tell another story. Customers are sincerely moved by displaying a piece of history in their home in the form of a custom Sundog table or specially crafted wedding box.



If your barn – or other source of reclaimable wood - is no longer safe as it stands, or has partly fallen, Sundog Custom Wood Products has the expertise to execute its safe removal. We will:  

  • Travel to your property to provide our service
  • Dismantle your barn or structure carefully and efficiently…we are insured
  • Use environmentally-friendly methods in take down and removal
  • Leave your property debris-free

If you have a barn or reclaimable source of wood that you would like removed from your property, please contact us and we will discuss the details.  Thank you.

In an age increasingly dominated by concrete and computers, the organic quality of wood and the cycle of life it represents makes Sundog very proud to be stewards of such a precious material.  Thank you for advocating for your barn’s second life and the health of our environment.