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We want to welcome you to sundogwoodproducts.com. This new website is a collaboration of many artistic professionals who have combined to creatively share the story of Sundog. We want to thank everyone at Steven James for listening intently to our goals and mission, for their commitment to understanding our purpose, and for their passion in sharing our message. They have been extremely patient in converting this process into Lehman’s terms for two “old school” do-it-yourselfers. They welcomed and valued our input, and crafted our ideas into a finished product that is what we envisioned. Steven James and Sundog have formed valuable relationships and friendships that will last far beyond the debut of a new website.

Relationships are what make any small business true to their purpose. We are very fortunate to have friends, clients, and associates that feel passionate about our success and our dedication to the use of reclaimed wood. We owe our current accomplishments to those relationships, and we don’t take for granted that those friendships will have a direct impact on our success moving forward.

First and foremost, we want to thank our families for their support. They have understood the trials and time constraints of starting a new business, have inspired us with encouraging words, and have honestly critiqued our work to ensure that the finished product stays genuine. They have also been completely confident in Sundog’s responsible stewardship through the reclamation and reuse of old materials.

We also want to thank our friends at Avon Lumber. That tiny, dark, back corner in which we started has fostered the simplicity and authenticity that will always remain the core of Sundog. Thank you to Smidgens. Your understanding of our products and your “laser” touch have helped create one-of-a-kind, custom collaborations. Together, our two talents have let the wood tell some incredible stories. Thank you. Thank you to all of our first customers who have faith in the reclaimed process and trusted in us to do things “the Sundog way.” Thank you to all of the friends who have helped load trailers, pull nails, or roll around beams. And, thank you to those who have problem solved and shared dreams of the future over countless cups of coffee. We will always value the relationships that have nurtured the birth of Sundog, supported our growth and our mission, and encouraged us to pursue our goals.

So…welcome to sundogwoodproducts.com. We look forward to helping your vision come to fruition, and to ensuring that the wood speaks for itself. We anticipate never setting limits and constantly redefining the “custom” in Sundog Custom Wood Products.

~ “That’s what makes Sundog feel life. What’s next?”

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We are committed to responsible stewardship through the reclamation of lumber destined for a landfill or decay, and to the crafting of those salvaged materials into works of art that share a meaningful story.