Reclaimed Wood & Laser Engraving

Magnum Flag Sign

When 100-year-old wood is salvaged and then crafted into a work of art, it tells stories of many past generations. When that artwork is personalized by a laser engraving, it takes on whole other life and shares that history with the soul of an intended individual. The piece now ties together its’ own times gone by with those of the owner. A special bond is created by simply customizing an item to showcase a person’s achievements or passions.

Because of the nature of reclaimed wood, it is never entirely certain what a finished product will look like. But after each board is carefully chosen for its’ individual character, and pieced together to maximize their collective integrity; we are always extremely excited to see a customer’s reaction at their product’s unveiling, particularly, if their piece is customized with a laser engraving. It is such and incredible feeling of accomplishment to see an individual shed tears of joy and exclaim, “this so exceeds my expectations!”

The detail of a laser engraving never cease to amaze us. The laser recreates a carefully designed computer file into the surface of the wood with impeccable precision. Whether on a personal gift, or a corporate promotional item, such as a wooden coaster, the engraving completely redefines the product. The piece takes on an entirely different life and meaning.


We are committed to responsible stewardship through the reclamation of lumber destined for a landfill or decay, and to the crafting of those salvaged materials into works of art that share a meaningful story.